Alexander Barbel spoke about the threats of radicals in the address

Famous Ukrainian athlete Oleksandr Usyk commented on the aggressive statements and threats in his address from the nationalists.

As it became known, speaking at the 6th award Ceremony “Children of Ukraine – the future of the nation,” boxer explained that as a normal and adequate citizen he expressed his position to protect the weak and in need of help, reports , “Russian conversation”.

According to the information received, the world champion warned that he has a lot of friends and acquaintances supporting his position, ready to fight to help.

According to the boxer, if necessary, he and his associates will defend and will defend their beliefs and will be on the side of their faith.

“You know that I have a lot of like-minded people. Look, if someone says he wants to hurt someone, you will protect the weak? Yes, it is the common man supposed to do. This is normal. If you walk down the street and see that someone someone has, you have to defend, because it is indifference, if you don’t do this,” said Usyk.

In addition, the champion also spoke about his position in relation to the UOC.

“Why some radical people have to go somewhere and take something? Where the hell are the police going to be this time? Where is the law? Whose side will he be? Of course, I’m on the side of their homes, their faith,” – expressed his view Ukrainian athlete.
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