Stealing the show

Hyderabad-based designer Varun Chakkilam is all set to showcase ‘Artnoveou’, his bridal collection, at the Lakme Fashion Week 2021. DC caught up with the designer, who spoke about his career trajectory and what has changed in the fashion industry.

The look of the Week

We are doing a total of 14 looks. Most of them are bridal looks, because of the upcoming wedding season. We are doing a lot of men’s wear also, because I think men’s wear has taken a backseat of late. We are focusing on new cuts, non-traditional embroidery, thread-work, RE work and even zardozi for men. We have also introduced new colours like jade green that are non-traditional masculine shades. And we have a very famous Bollywood actress walking for us — You’ll have to wait to see who that is! This year’s show is being held by both Lakme Fashion Week and the Fashion Design Council of India, so it will be doubly exciting.

Brand focus

We’re launching our spring-summer collection at the Lakme Fashion Week this year. The name Artnoveou is inspired by the 18th century art nouveau art movement. We use a lot of interesting colours. The palette starts from light grey and moves on to colours like onion pink, Burma jade, rust and mustard, which are spring colours.

Pandemic perspective

The pandemic has given a new perspective to things. Now it’s about reusability. Our garment designs incorporate a lot of separates, like skirts, blouses and dupattas, which can be used individually too, thereby not restricting the wearer to a single look.

We are also trying to make the garments affordable, as all of us have suffered during the pandemic, and are trying to re-start our lives. 

Sartorial sustainability

We want to use fabrics like cotton, that can be recycled. We use a lot of handloom fabrics. Also, raw silks. This sustains the livelihoods of many people.

The last word

Fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, but about everything that you do. It is a statement that a person the moment


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