The demand will not grow

December home sales were the lowest in the whole year of 2015, and currently we can hardly expect that the situation will improve.

On pessimistic thoughts and induce instability in the stock market, and uncertainty in how quickly the Federal government will be able to recover their work in a normal mode, and, of course, possible rise in interest rates on mortgages, which, however, in November were the lowest for 7 years.

Yet sales of previously built homes dropped in December to 6.4 percent, or 4.99 million per annum. This happened on the background of the fact that the international monetary Fund lowered its forecast for global economic growth, and the development of China’s financial system has dropped to the lowest level since 1990. And stimulate potential buyers could not even help improve housing affordability — prices for the year increased by only 2.9%, which was the smallest increase since March 2012. And the reduction in interest rates on mortgages to 4.45% a special role is not played.

According to the company, Lawler Economic and Housing Consulting, a decrease in the activity was observed in all regions in Seattle, Portland, Denver, Philadelphia, the greater part of the territory of California, in the States of Maryland and Delaware. And according to the website Redfin, sales of new homes in December fell by 10.3% in the South and 13.4% in the West and more than 16% in the North-East.
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