Schwarzenegger on the tank crushed the limo of a famous TV host

The actor squashed Lincoln TownCar, which came Jay Leno.

The terminator of all the Earth, the famous actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger crushed a nine limousine Lincoln TownCar. Though not with his own hands, and tank. Schwarzenegger plunged into a personal tank M47 Patton II, weighing 46 tons and effortlessly swept through a luxury car, turning it into a pile of rubbish.

Company actor has made the owner of the limousine, the famous TV presenter Jay Leno. The car has given TV channel CNBS, where Leno.

“I feel like a computer game character”, – shared his impressions of the presenter.

“That’s your limo,” said happy Schwarzenegger, leaning out of the hatch and looking at the resulting pellet.

The actor claims that this is the Patton tank he drove when he served in the Austrian army.
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