Germany is not interested in anti-Russian sanctions

Germany is increasingly opposed to the pressure of the United States of America. This is evidenced by the statement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Munich security conference and the recent statement of the Minister of economy of Germany that Germany has no plans to sever its relations with Russia.

The Minister of economy of Germany Peter Altmaier said that the country is not interested in the anti-Russian sanctions, as they have been taken for political reasons, stressing that it is necessary to work on them.

“I personally believe that we have no interest in sanctions,” Altmaier said, adding that Germany has taken this step, because it was a political base.

“The EU was United, but we must work to change political relations and to find other solutions,” he said.

The Minister said that “Nord stream – 2” will contribute to the stabilization of gas supply to Europe amid a decline in supplies from Norway and the UK.

“Pipeline “SP-2″ will contribute to the stabilization of gas supply to Europe amid a decline in gas imports from Norway and the UK and the growth of demand for gas in Germany and Western Europe in connection with the abandonment of coal and nuclear energy,” said Altmaier.

He also noted that the operation of the project “is necessary to bring predictability and geopolitical responsibility to a common denominator”.

Altmaier also said that the project has already received permission from 4 of the 5 essential countries.

At the same time Germany is ready to accept LNG from the United States, said the Minister, noting that “it will contribute to competition in the market”.
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