10 incredible images that will transport you around the globe

Drying Fish by Khanh Phan

“The eye has to travel,” Vogue editor Diana Vreeland famously said, and what better way to enjoy some escapism right now than by feasting your eyes on stunning photography from around the world?

The category winners in the Open competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 have been unveiled, with an overall winner set to be announced on April 15.

Ranging from architecture to animals, intimate portraits to epic landscapes, these stunning images are in the running for the grand prize…

1. The Blue Window by Klaus Lenzen (Germany) in the architecture category

(Klaus Lenzen/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

2. African Victorian by Tamary Kudita (Zimbabwe) in the creative category

(Tamary Kudita/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

3. Electric Storm on Lavender by Juan López Ruiz (Spain) in the landscape category

(Juan López Ruiz/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

4. Dias de playa by Mariano Belmar Torrecilla (Spain) in the lifestyle category

(Mariano Belmar Torrecilla/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

5. Girl Power by Marijo Maduna (Croatia) in the motion category

(Marijo Maduna/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

6. Little Kiss by Cristo Pihlamäe (Estonia) in the natural world and wildlife category

(Cristo Pihlamäe/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

7. Memento by Kata Zih (Hungary) in the object category

(Kata Zih/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

8. Son by Lyudmila Sabanina (Russian Federation) in the portraiture category

(Lyudmila Sabanina/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

9. Disinfection by F. Dilek Uyar (Turkey) in the street photography category

(F. Dilek Uyar/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)

10. Drying Fish by Khanh Phan (Vietnam) in the travel category

(Khanh Phan/Sony World Photography Awards/PA)



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