The Manhattan doctor has requested for treatment of a finger $56000

Mary Broderick, a native of Connecticut, working in new York, still can’t believe the cost of treatment fracture finger, which she voiced the doctor.

At the end of 2018, the woman pinched a finger a door. Started bleeding. In the emergency room at Lenox Hill Hospital in Greenwich Village (Manhattan) it took Tensar the World, plastic and reconstructive surgeon with offices on Park Avenue and long island.

“He disinfected the finger, introduced anesthesia, stitched toe and I put it on the bus. And that’s all. It took no more than 15 minutes”, — the victim told Pix11. According to her, the doctor even complained that few will get this treatment.

Now imagine Mary’s shock when she saw the expense which doctor the World has put its insurance company. There was a sum of over $56 thousand! And it wasn’t a mistake.

Dr. Mir, who had not concluded the contract with the insurer to Mary Broderick, Connecticare, asked:

  • $3 thousand for the inspection of the patient in the emergency Department
  • $21 thousand for the “inspection of the extremities”,
  • $15 thousand for “complex reconstruction of thumb” and
  • $17 thousand for the “treatment of a broken finger”.

The maximum cost of these services under Medicare is less than $1.7 thousand.

In the hospital Mary Broderick stated that they do not control the accounts of the doctors of the World, because he is a private doctor, not formally employed by the emergency Department, sometimes there earns.

To comment to the journalists Tansar the World refused.

Fortunately for Maria, she won’t have to pay for this account. The fact that new York has a law on “medical surprises”protecting patients in the emergency room the doctor treats, does not have a contract with the insurance company of the patient. Now, on account of Mary will pay her insurer from Connecticut — Connecticare.

In new York, the woman was billed for $56000 for the treatment of broken finger updated: Feb 21, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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