How terrible to be serious: the film is Francois Ozon “Grace of God”

François Ozon, not previously seen in the interest in current social and political issues, shot at the Berlin festival the new picture, which is about the hottest events in modern European life, “by the Grace of God.” Ozone ahead of the movement #meetoo, determined to draw attention to the high-profile trial in France.

In March will be declared the sentence of the priest Bernard Prana accused of molesting boys at scout camp. A witness in the case involving the Archbishop of Lyon, cardinal Barbarin who knew about the inclinations of his subordinate, but by all means hide them from the public, even without considering it necessary to remove the priest from service. “Originally, the word “pedophilia” means the love of children” is a mockery he explains his unwillingness to wash dirty linen in public.

Once again, the new Ozone. He was new in “French” when resolutely wiped the smile from the face and began to comprehend the recent history of their own country. In the film “Grace of God” recent loyal follower of Freud and a researcher of all aspects of same-sex love has finally settled down. The topic that he raises, really dramatic. The conscience Prana, at the same time commanding the cardinal and many other bishops of the Catholic Church — dozens, if not hundreds of broken lives.

Someone was lucky, and he is the main character, Alexander Guerin, happily married, had five kids in the house — peace and prosperity. Someone like the other character, never forgot the sticky hands of the priest, lapasha it into a scout camp in the grove behind the tents, and was not able to organize their family and sexual life. But everyone, whether he is one hundred percent successful from all points of view a man was left scarred for life.

One day Alexander Guerin began to collect evidence of the harassment, the priest and began to bombard the Supreme ecclesiastical court of letters with the requirement at least to begin to remove Prana from working with children. That said the cardinal — we already know. Gradually cobble together the community of victims of pervert, a special site, the police satisfied the confrontation. Prana explains that blame is a disease.

A timely film. And the topic is extremely important. For the topic four years ago the film “In the spotlight” was awarded the main “Oscar”. And now, when the movement against harassment of any kind has received such an extension, the topic has become doubly urgent.

But why even in the hands of such virtuoso masters as Ozon, the film is “not played”? Most likely, the Director has become a hostage of the topic. He wanted to remove not just something, in his opinion, important and necessary, but to make it even and heard. So he treated the work with incredible seriousness. The film is not a grain of humor, here authentic characters in authentic performance of good actors working on a single task: to show the importance of the moment and the seriousness of the situation. If someone wants to argue with that.

Apparently, that’s why not taxiing the film is anything but obvious thought that pedophiles should be driven out of the Church and judge, and the victims should not be afraid to admit a long-standing injuries. If someone is trying to challenge.

As a result, Ozone get the desired movie on an important topic, but it is totally toothless and not dangerous. Conclusion: after all, the artist must be true to yourself and not try to push their own instincts to laugh and make laugh others, if you are able to do not be afraid to talk about serious if not fun then at least gracefully.
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