Maxim Fadeev admitted love for the USSR: “the Soviet man is forever”

Producer and musician remembered the old days of the Soviet Union in his microblog and even organized a competition on this topic for their fans.

In its official microblogging “Instagram” Maxim Fadeyev expressed his love for the Soviet Union. In this decision the producer has pushed the praise of subscribers to his new song “My Azerbaijan”, reports LigaNews.

“Everyone who lived in Soviet times, know that the romance is not eradicated, and love at that time is not to throw away from the heart. Glad that we are many!” – written by the producer under the post.

Also Fadeev added that “the Soviet people is forever.”

The producer also launched a small competition for its subscribers. The conditions are: you need to put your old pictures or videos and put the hashtag #artisans. The winner of the contest producer will give the tickets to his concert.

As previously reported LigaNews, Maxim Fadeev admitted that he lost his hearing. It is also known that Fadeev put Chubais in place because of the conflict with Zakharova
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