Russia has destroyed intended to China s-400 missiles

The CEO of the company said that was the reason for the drastic step.

Monday, February 18, the General Director of “Rostec” Chemezov said during a press conference that the company destroyed the damaged missiles for air defense systems s-400, shipped under contract in China. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda“reports “League news Russia”.

“Unfortunately, the accident occurred. The ship carrying these missiles, caught in a storm. Had all these rockets to destroy, now we produce the new,” – said Chemezov.

In the United States spoke about a new chance for Ukraine to get banned INF missiles

China was the first foreign buyer of Russian s-400. The contract was signed in 2014, the transaction amount exceeded $ 3 billion. Polk installations of the whole includes the command post, radar station, missile launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, energy equipment and other property.

The beginning of deliveries was announced on 18 January 2018, but the next day I found out that the ship carrying components for anti-aircraft missiles that came from Ust-Luga (Leningrad region) in the area of the English channel was caught in a violent storm. In conditions of strong wind and kept pitching equipment fastening gave way, and part of the equipment was badly damaged.

The captain made the decision to return the ship to Russia. Later the Federal service for military-technical cooperation said that “some staff of the fixtures were damaged, resulting in injuries could receive part of the onboard auxiliary equipment”. Listing the item of delivery, the source Agency TASS reported that the vessel was the command post, radar station, power and auxiliary equipment, spare parts, tools, accessories and “other elements of the system.”

The press service of the FSMTC said that “the undelivered property will be sent to a foreign customer later.”

Later Russian Ministry of defense became interested in Turkey, India and Saudi Arabia.

Became known, when Russia allowed the train missions

S-400 system is designed to destroy modern and promising means of aerospace attack. Was adopted on 28 April 2007, the export name “Triumph”. According to experts, the SAM plays a key role in the concept of armed forces of Russia, known in the West as “Zone block”.

In addition, a source in the military-industrial complex said that the factory sea trials of a Russian nuclear submarine, unmanned “Poseidon” is scheduled for summer 2019.
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