N Golo Kante refused to receive a salary in Chelsea through offshore

Midfielder of the national team of France and British club Chelsea N Golo Kante refused to get paid through offshore. This was reported by website Football Leaks that publish information about transfers and contracts of players.

Portal has learned that in June 2016, i.e., six months before the transition edge from “Lester” in Chelsea, on the island of Jersey was registered as a company NK Promotions. It was assumed that to avoid taxes, N Golo Kante will carry through her part of their income under the guise of payments for the right to use the images. The first time lawyers for the club giving them to understand that he intends to accept such conditions, but specific answers were not given.

However, in may 2017, it became known that Kant refused to receive the money through offshore and preferred to his entire income taxed in accordance with the law. “Kant unwavering. He just wants to get paid as expected”, — told a source in “Chelsea”

Tax Advisor midfielder wrote a letter to the administration Chelsea: “After N Holo became acquainted with the numerous publications in the media about the rights to the image and the investigation of tax crimes against players and clubs, it is increasingly worried that a proposed offshore scheme could raise questions of fiscal services. N Holo decided not to risk it”.
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