Shocks without consequences

If any politician refuses to compromise, go for confrontation with opponents, and then would repeat the steps to return to the original situation, it certainly would be criticized for inconsistency, and even cowardice.

Do not avoid such epithets, and Donald trump, the conflict with which Congress does not allocate the required amount for the construction of the “wall”, led to the fact that the Federal government for 35 days suspended its work. But those who are disappointed in him, was much less than those that did not change my mind for the worst, and even felt that everything was done correctly.

As noted Patrick Murray, Director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, among Republicans now in the majority were those who felt that the positions trump has only grown stronger. This opinion was supported by 44% of conservative voters, while only 19% assumed that the President was forced to retreat. In General, the proportion of odnopartiytsev, approving his work, virtually unchanged from November of last year, when it was 84%.

Although among all the respondents 32% said that in the confrontation with Congress, the head of state lost, and only 24% called it a winner, the majority (41%) did not change their attitude toward it. However, it is worth noting that the approval rating has declined among Democrats and independents, and 50% said that the President’s actions were the main reason for the suspension of activities of the government.

However, even among the conservatives there were sharp opponents. “The good news for George Bush, now not he is the biggest loser among all the presidents of the United States,” said, for example, commentator Ann Coulter.

In the same vein, expressed and blogger Mike Cernovich: “His statement trump has married that is just a coward who does not want to build a “wall” to keep their promises and bear responsibility for it”.

At the same time in the ranks of politicians right of the spectrum were supporters of the President. Mark meadows is one of the leaders of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus in the House of representatives, which in December insisted on blocking the activity of the government, if need be in order to funds for the erection of the “wall” was granted in full, stated: “the President reaffirmed his commitment to ensure the safety and assured me that nothing will prevent him from achieving this goal.”

In turn, the former speaker of the house newt Gingrich stated that Coulter “is in a world of fantasy.” “In fact, the base electorate trump supported it, he added. — If the President appealed to these voters and said that he did so to the construction of the wall, protecting America and performing all the promised, would agree”.

However, Coulter countered, saying that among the supporters of trump there are those who requires him to tell the truth, and those who agree with any of his decision. “Newt and I belong to different camps,” she said.

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