American pastry chef bakes pies-scary movies

Andrew fuller bakes their Goodies in the form of masks from a horror movie.

Fans of horror stories have dedicated their products to American pastry chef Endow fuller. He bakes cakes that look like masks from a horror movie.

However, its subscribers in Instagram cake shop owner Guy Meets Cake (“Boy meets pie”) is somewhat shocked, but intrigued by the unusual taste. For example, a pie with a terrible empty eyes, from which follows “blood” – the jam, has a cherry-mint flavor.

To complement the “way” fuller decorates cakes nasty hair from the edible fiber and “scars”. According to “Social news”, posted the video with the production of pastry, these pies are bought by people with nerves of steel.

And I must admit, there were quite a few in the USA, given that the product is gaining popularity. It turns out that he is a “American pie”…
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