The mother of an American journalist killed by the ISIS fighter, asks for justice

Diane Foley, whose son, American journalist James Foley was beheaded in 2014, the jihadists in Syria, says that 19-year-old widow of an ISIS fighter Shamima Begum and other supporters of a terrorist state deserve a fair trial.

James Foley, who worked as a correspondent in Syria in the territory where the operations were conducted, was captured by militants in 2012. His execution in 2014 ISIS terrorists caught on video and circulated on the Internet to intimidate their opponents. The victim’s mother Diane Foley, who saw this video, was deeply shocked by the brutality and barbarism of these people. But now the woman suddenly commented on the history of British women Shamima Begum, a 19-year-old widow militants of ISIS, pregnant with my third child.

The story of Begum has been controversial conversations and debates. The mother of murdered journalist appealed to the public and the British authorities with a request to allow a young woman to go to England to have the baby in normal conditions. Speaking in the “Radio four,” Begum said that he went to Syria when she was 15 years old. After the defeat of most of the forces of ISIS and the deaths of many militants left a lot of widows and wives, including children and pregnant women. Tens of thousands of women are kept in appalling conditions in camps. Many are citizens of different countries. In Syria many years gathered women from all over the world to become wives of jihadists.

I understand very well that ISIL continues to pose a threat, and it is very difficult to determine the degree of danger, said today Diana Foley, you have to watch them very carefully and watch for any further radicalization or penetration of their ideas into society“.

According to Foley, civilized countries should solve this issue peacefully and take responsibility for its citizens, including criminals: “Everyone deserves a trial. These people should be responsible for what they did. But the court must be fair. Each country must take responsibility for its citizens who commit crimes“.


According to Foley, Britain could take the Begum to its territory for trial and to allow her to give birth there.

This weekend the US President Donald trump also spoke out about it. “The United States is asking the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other European allies back ISIS fighters captured in Syria, and to bring them to justice. The end of the Caliphate is coming”, said the President, noting that if the militants not to repatriate them “will have to be released, and this is a bad alternative“.

The situation with the Begum turned out to be quite complicated, her parents are citizens of Bangladesh. British officials believe that sending her to their historic homeland would be preferable and has all legal grounds.

Pregnant wife of ISIL militants should be allowed to return to Britain — the mother of the executed jihadists of journalist updated: Feb 19, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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