Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law is ‘absolutely’ considering run for Senate seat

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Lara Trump said on Tuesday she is “absolutely” still interested in the top job, which she would face Rep Mark Walker for. The post is currently held by Senator Richard Burr – who in 2016 expressed his wish to retire.

Ms Trump made the assertion during an interview with Fox News’ host Sean Hannity, who asked her: “Quick question. Exit question.

“Still considering a run for Senate, in North Carolina, your home state?”

Eric Trump’s wife responded: “Always your exit question, Sean.

“Yes, I am still considering it, absolutely.”

Ms Trump would be the next person in the former President’s close circle to pursue a political career.

It comes after Mr Trump’s daughter and former senior adviser, Ivanka, saw herself at the centre of speculation regarding her next professional move.

Ivanka Trump recently quashed rumours she was poised to run for the Florida Senator seat in the 2022 GOP primary election.

However, analysts still maintain the former adviser has a political goal in mind.

Spencer Critchley, a former communications consultant for Barack Obama’s campaigns, said: “It seems clear with the hints she’s dropped over the years that she thinks [running for office] is the logical next step.”

Mary Trump, Ivanka’s cousin and prominent Trump critic, has made scathing comments about her extended family’s future.

Speaking to Politico, she said Eric, Donald Jr and Ivanka are not qualified for politics.

Ms Trump, 55, said: “I think we should all resent having to have that conversation.

“Let’s put it this way: They have no qualifications, they have no skills.”

Mark Meadows, Mr Trump’s former chief of staff, has suggested the top GOP candidates for the next election process “have Trump as their last name”.


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