A resident of Oklahoma in a dispute dropped more than 60 kg to win $2000

Dobivshis bet this resident of Oklahoma city has lost 140 pounds (63 kg) and received their $2000. It all began one September evening 2017, when 35-year-old Tyler Segraves has a drinking buddy at the bar.

“We looked good, but he again started talking about my extra weight, it’s long bothered. And he’s like, “I Bet you couldn’t throw in a year more than 100 pounds (45 kg. —”” — says Tyler, weighing at that time 335 lbs (151 kg).

Tyler “before” and “after”.Photo: Facebook/Tyler OsuFreak Segraves

According to him, the man staked $2000 and they even signed the contract.

A month passed, and Tyler was not going to go on a diet. Changed everything trip:

“I climbed the stairs to the meeting and began to choke. I thought that even meeting I have to cancel. And when I took a breath, then said, “Enough. Trait is passed””.

Tyler Segraves did not starve, but excluded from the diet sodas, simple carbs and alcohol. He did several snacks healthy foods and of course exercise.

It worked rapidly: in the first month the man lost 30 pounds (13 kg). Inspired by the result, he decided not to stop there.

A month before the expiry of the bet Tyler dropped more than 100 pounds. He offered the other to agree on $800 now, but he said the weight may come back. Not at all! During the year, the weight loss was more than 140 pounds (63 kg).

Once at the station, Tyler was found with his father, who had not seen, and he didn’t recognize him.

About the wager, even told the magazine Men’s Health.

The next goal of men is to build muscle mass. It sways and floats, stating that “fed up” with traditional cardio.

That Segraves did with his winnings? Says he repaid the debt on a credit card.

Over drinks, the man bet me $2000 that will reset 63 kg, and won the argument (photo) updated: Feb 22, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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