Skripal case: the Prosecutor General of Bulgaria, told about joint working with the London

The Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria on Monday, 11 February, confirmed that for four months “in close cooperation” with British colleagues are investigating the attempted poisoning of a Bulgarian businessman in the spring of 2015 and her possible participation of Russian Sergey Fedotov, whose media recently called a possible “third defendant” the case of the assassination of the British Skrobala in Salisbury.

A press statement quoted by France-Presse, the Prosecutor General of Bulgaria Sotir tsatsarov made after a meeting Monday with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the Ambassador of great Britain in Sofia Emma Hopkins.

Attorney Nazarov announced that the investigation into possible involvement of Russian Sergey Fedotov in the attempted poisoning of businessman of Hebrew started on 11 October 2018. The investigation is in “close cooperation between the Bulgarian and British partners,” said the Prosecutor. The British Ambassador Emma Hopkins noted that the country has created a “joint group” to investigate the case.

7 Feb Bellingcat group and edition of the Insider named Sergei Fedotov possible third suspect in the case of the attempted poisoning in the UK Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia nerve substance “Newbie”. On the possible involvement of exposure to poisoning was reported last week and the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. Fedotov was in the UK at the same time with Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan by Bocharovym, whom London accuses of poisoning Skrobala (Bellingcat, The Insider and “Fontanka” has identified them as officers of the Russian military intelligence and Anatoly Mishkin, Alexander the Chapiha).

According to Bulgarian Prosecutor General, Sergei Fedotov visited Bulgaria three times in the first half of 2015 (February, April, and may). One of his visits 24-28 April coincided with the attempt of poisoning the businessman Hebrew who works in the field of production and export of arms. Yemelyan Hebrew was hospitalized on April 28 after he felt ill during a dinner in Sofia. With him in the hospital were his son and a top Manager of his company who were also at the dinner. All three doctors found signs of poisoning.

This Monday, the Prosecutor of Bulgaria said that in the coffee and the food had traces of poison, “in all probability”, the insecticide chlorpyrifos (not substances of class “Beginner”, as claimed , The Insider, 7 February).

All three victims survived the attempted poisoning, but the long time spent in the hospital (Hebrew month was in a coma). Yemelyan Hebrew tied the attempted departure from its business supply arms to Ukraine or interest of Russians to one of its factories in Bulgaria.
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