Imperceptibly lasted 50 days: the Turks did not notice a long earthquake

In the research world reported seismic event, which lasted for the entire 50 days.

It should be noted that the above incident lasted for 50 days. Notable was the fact that the inhabitants of the local neighborhoods not felt any push. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First of subscales that the Cascadia fault is expected 9-point earthquake.

Above the tremors due to their special type. According to employees of the German research Geoscience centre GFZ in Potsdam, this incident was called “slow slip”. During these processes, there are smooth shifts of seismic waves.

Initially, in the minds of geologists there are two types of formation of geological faults. The first one involves the tearing of tectonic plates and layers that move at the speed of nail growth on the limb of a person. The second method is the tectonic slippage.

That’s just the release is so slow that the energy never goes into the shaking of the earth’s crust. Each year, experts more and more understand that they do not possess the necessary amount of knowledge about geological processes.
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