In the Paris Museum of wax figures will appear the statue of Martin Fourcade

In the spring of 2019 at the Paris wax Museum musée Grevin appears biathlete Martin Fourcade. For the last 7 years he is the leader of the world biathlon. On account of the S0-year-old Frenchman 5 Olympic top awards and 2 silver, he’s 11 times world champion and 10 times up to the second step of the podium 7 times was holding the Big crystal globe as the overall world Cup standings.

It is not surprising that a wax statue of this athlete, it was decided to put in a Museum. According to the information portal Le 10 sport, Fourcade has already had several sessions of posing: the Museum’s experts measured it, had a 3d scan and photo shoot. Wax champion will stand in one of the halls of the Museum with skis Rossignol in his hands.

Your new experience Martin Fourcade described as follows: “For me it’s all a bit unusual. It is a great honor, a wonderful acknowledgment of my work. Funny and fun to watch as it creates your “DoppelgangeR” as representatives of different professions to do it. Before coming here, I was wondering about which position to choose. As a result, we stayed neutral, which is good, because to set in motion on the slopes, I would be a little tricky. So I was on hand that we stayed static option: to pose was easy, as in this position you stand always before the ceremony is a “posture of waiting” when you have time to comprehend what is happening. Today I also constantly had to think about what is happening around.”

Of course, to pose for sculptors champion not so familiar how to prepare for the competition. He has recently published in social networks a video filmed during one of the workouts. “How do you small run? A little humid, but the promise that the water temperature is not below 0°C!” commented Fourcade. In the video, he, along with teammates running through the rainy and mist-covered Norwegian wood, easily overcoming any obstacles trail. For the past 12 years French biathletes train in Norway, near Lillehammer. The video, posted Fourcade, obviously meant to emphasize the serious plans of the French team and its leader for the new season, which will open very soon — it is planned that the first stage will take place on 2 December in Pokljuka, Slovenia.

In an interview with GQ magazine in October, He said, that is suitable season in great shape, just need to make some amendments to the fire. However, last season at the shooting range it was accurate in 92%. For world Cup viewers will be able to see how changes in the training process impacted on this indicator: in the spring it became known that stéphane Boutier, coached the men’s national team of France in biathlon for 11 seasons, decided to leave the team. Martin Fourcade spoke in an interview: “this year’s team is stronger up the claim to the training process. The preparation was slightly different in connection with the change of coach. My mental state is very positive impact, I was able to put more effort where I lacked motivation. I am very pleased with the work done, although the only measure of its success will be competition.”

The athlete acknowledgesthat increasingly thinks that sooner or later will have to take a break. According to Him, motivation for him still to take, because it is possible to create, grow, but do not want to show the average results over a period of 10 years has set the bar for other athletes. “If I play cards with her three year old daughter, I don’t want to lose. It’s intuitive, it’s what works for me. I think I’ll finish my career when there is no longer find in himself the desire to be better than rivals, but while it burns in me, I get pleasure from being able to stretch this feeling as long as possible,” explained biathlete in the movie production of the TV channel Canal+. To retire he has no plans, at least until the world Cup 2020 in Antholz, and after the championship He will decide whether he is ready to hold another two-year cycle before the Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

When he made the decision to no longer participate in the competition, Martin Fourcade sure that the end of his career will take place peacefully and systematically. He admired such athletes as Roger Federer, Kimi Raikkonen and Gianluigi Buffon — break the boundary 37-40 years old and still showing class. However, myself on the biathlon track it at this age is not. “I’m curious, I want to try something different, enjoy different things in life,” says Fourcade.

The champion has exactly one lesson, which he will devote himself, after a career. Fourcade says that when he began to achieve high results at competitions, his friends and fans began to send him pictures of their children posing with a MOP or regular sticks like this rifle, and the kids — the athletes. Then the athlete along with the company producing toys under the name Vilac decided to create a rifle out of wood for the youngest fans of biathlon.
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