12 small joys of the clocks springing forward


No wonder we get so excited about springtime! OK, so we lose an hour’s sleep and the chance to lie-in bed for that little bit longer, but the rewards of the clocks changing (they go forwards one hour at 1am on Sunday, March 28) are tenfold.



Indeed, these are just some of the thoughts going through our minds right now…

1. That long, lazy Sunday lunch can merge into Happy Hour, without the sun setting on your spread.

2. There are more daylight hours for lockdown hobbies like sewing, painting and getting to grips with that whopping 3,000 piece puzzle.

3. You can dust down the yoga mat and practice your sun salutations and energise your mind, body and spirit without having to switch the big light on.


4. Longer days means more time spent in the garden getting serious with seeding, potting and making everything look blooming marvellous. Fingers crossed for no freak frost.

5. It’s so much more fun when you take the dog out for walkies and it’s still lovely and bright.

6. You can go for a run in the evening without having to rely on artificial light.

7. The wardrobe mistress in you is planning your new spring wardrobe, and putting all those winter woollies and heavy coats away.

8. After months of recharging the batteries in your bike lights, you can now set them aside, along with your high-vis jacket.

9. The energy bill is going to be halved, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off when you head out the door.

10. You can tackle all those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off, such as touching up the window sill, and still have time to watch the paint dry.

11. A delicious salad niçoise for a mid-week supper comes to mind, rather than bangers and mash.

12. ‘Tis the season to spritz and you need to bag a bottle of Pimm’s, Aperol Aperitivo and stock up on all the bits and bobs. Cheers!


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