The Americans came up with an insulting nickname for a Russian car

The new LADA Granta FL USA called “a toy for the poor.”

Presentation of the new Lada Granta FL still held at the end of August 2018, but the US is already made fun of a new model Russian car. So, the Americans called the Russian new “toy for the poor.”

The car looks too cheap both outside and inside quotes “Constantinople” users of American Internet portal Reddit. The picture LADA Granta posted on the website one of the users asked to rate the novelty. Most did not like. And here’s why.

US residents felt that car is not expensive enough, that is too simplistic. “In Russia, apparently, can’t afford expensive cars”, said one of the subscribers. Another found the car in the photo a model. “Is she really worth 5 $ 500?” – says the third.

Unlike the spoiled Americans, the Europeans, the Russian car very much. They think it’s perfect, especially under-priced fuels. Because the demand for the products of “AVTOVAZ” is increasing. Thus, according to 2017, sales of LADA cars in Europe has increased by almost a third.

Photo: Lada Granta FL the club “Vkontakte”
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