War monuments continues: Lithuania found himself another “granite enemy of the state”

The city administration is eyeing the monument to the writer Petras Cvirka with undisguised desire to vacate his pedestal. Objectionable memorial was once in Svirce saw “an accomplice of the Communists.”

Cvirka was a supporter of the accession of Lithuania into the Soviet Union, even before the beginning of the great Patriotic war. In 1940 he became a member of the Communist party and visited Moscow in the composition of the delegation from the Lithuanian Parliament.

It is worth noting that Vilnius residents do not share the authorities ‘ plans for the demolition of the monument. Even a number of famous Lithuanian figures are categorically against such a move. Among them human rights activist Tomas Venclova and even the Minister of culture Mindaugas, Kvietkauskas. However, their local nationalists has managed to bring in a list of “enemies of the state” along with Svirkai. And ordinary residents of the capital is traditionally not going to ask when it comes to the demolition of the monument.
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