Hot temperatures leading to sleeplessness: Experts

HYDERABAD: With the daytime temperatures being three degrees above normal and hot winds blowing from Rayalaseema, even nights are no longer cool in Telangana state leading to sleeplessness. Many citizens are complaining of sleepless nights as it is so hot that they are not able to sleep. Those who are using air-coolers are complaining that it is not serving the purpose. Those using air-conditioners find that it is taking at least two hours for the room to become cool. 

This is because sunshine lasts longer and there is no weather activity in terms of cloud cover, which has heated up central India, Telangana state and Rayalaseema districts, pointed out Mahesh Palawat from Skymet. Hot winds are blowing throughout the day and despite night temperatures being normal of 22º Celsius the effect is not felt as there is heat escape from cement structures.

This escape leads to restlessness, thirst, dehydration and toilet breaks at night, which disturb the sleep cycle. Research indicates that in urban areas people are sleeping only for six hours due to the excessive use of gadgets. In summers the heat further aggravates the sleep cycle. 

ENT and sleep specialist Dr P.N.V. Prasad said, “There are two types of problems in summers as people are not able to cope with increasing temperatures during the daytime hence they try to catch up on their sleep during the day. This in turn makes sleeping at night difficult. As many go to bed after 11 pm half of the sleep time is gone. The ideal time to sleep is from 9 pm onwards." 

Drinking too much water at night leads to constant break in sleep cycles as they have to get up when the bladder is full.

Women, who are suffering from thyroid, diabetes, hypertension and other co-morbid conditions, cannot tolerate air-conditioners, which further compromises their sleep patterns. 

These lead to irritation, lack of concentration and urge the individual to take rest and relax as the actual sleep time is compromised. 

Experts urge that following the sleep time table of going to bed early, listening to music, reading a book and relaxing before retiring for the day will induce good sleep.


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