7-year-old Texan sells chocolate to build a “wall of trump”

Near shopping center, Steiner Ranch in Austin (TX), 7-year-old Benton Stevens set a tray with hot chocolate and placed it on the announcement that raises money for the construction of the “wall of trump”.

The reaction of the locals was mixed. Benton says that he was once dubbed “little Hitler”.

The boy’s parents, Shane and Jennifer Stevens, Republicans-conservatives. In 2017 they took his younger son to the inauguration of the trump. After this visit, the boy and decided to help in the construction of the Wall, says his mother.

“He wanted to know what kind of wall, so we explained what it was for, and he said, “I want to collect the money””, — told KXAN Jennifer Stevens.

According to the parents, the boy constantly asks questions about politics, but after the inauguration of the President every time they left the Mall with purchases, saying that it would be possible to put here the tray and he was able to collect the money.

Many have criticized the initiative of the student, considering that he just repeats the words heard from their parents. However, Jennifer Stevens says she and her husband only “pass their value” to the son, and not forced to make political choices.

“People think he was brainwashed, — said in an interview with the woman. Of course he supports trump because we support it, and of course he hears what we’re talking about. You can call it “brainwashing”, I call it parenting.”

The Benton’s father is very concerned about the negative reaction of some residents of Austin on the activities of his son, but at the same time believes that it is a rewarding experience. “If he’s going to go into politics, he needs to understand what may be the reaction… But I would like to see [critics] did a little more respectful, grown-up“.

“Some people were angry and said to me: “Little Hitler” and all that, but some were really excited,” says Benton.

The boy managed to raise almost $5 thousand. He wants to save more and send money to Tramp through the mail or, if possible, present it personally.

7-year-old Benton was called “little Hitler” because he raises money for the “wall of trump” updated: February 20, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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