Kiev should think about the rates: in Russia, commented on the reduction of gas transit through Ukraine

In the state Duma gave a review concerning reduction of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine by 7%.

Igor Ananskikh, the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee of the Russian Federation, confirmed that in late 2018 natural gas transit through Ukraine decreased by 7.1%, reports RT.

As it turned out, the Russian gas supplied to EU countries through the “Nord stream”, and is much cheaper than the one that comes to Europe through the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

Europe it is cheaper to buy the gas, which is cheaper, this is the whole secret, said Ananskikh. Always had problems with the gas that flows to Europe through Ukraine.

The politician stressed that Kiev’s time to think about pricing and tariffs for its transportation system. If Ukraine will continue in his spirit, the streams of gas just runs out. Cheaper fare on transit – more gas will go through the territory of Ukraine, said the Deputy.
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