Franco-Italian crisis: Salvini ready to come to Paris

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister Matteo Salvini said on Monday, February 11, that he is ready to come to Paris, “even this week”, to “regain” the “good relations” between Italy and France.

“I’m willing to accept (his French counterpart) in Rome or come to Paris, and even this week,” said Salvini, referring to the meeting with the interior Minister of France Christoph Castaneros.

“I think back to the good relations (with France) is a fundamental (objective), and the sooner the better”, — said the head of the interior Ministry of Italy, quoted by AFP.

We will remind, on Thursday, February 7, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of France announced that it will be withdrawing the French Ambassador from Rome “for consultations.” This “difficult situation” is unique in the postwar history, said the official representative of the French diplomatic corps agnès von der Mühle, referring to the “recurring charges”, “unfounded attacks” and “offensive statements” of the Italian authorities.

“The last interventions represent an additional and unacceptable provocation,” — said Mrs. von der Mühle. Under the “last intervention” meant, in particular, meeting other Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Luigi di Maio, with representatives of the French protest movement of the “yellow jackets.” The meeting, which the French authorities were not warned, was held on 6 February in the French town of Montargis.

Adopted by the French authorities the next day, the decision to recall the Ambassador from Rome was the first such step since 1940 (when it was due to the fact that Mussolini declared war on France).

On 8 February, the interior Minister of Italy Salvini said that “be happy” to invite his French counterpart Christophe Castaner “next week” in Rome “for a fruitful exchange on current issues”. French TV channel BFMTV reported that I allegedly would not “invite” and to “call” Costanera in Rome.

After this, the interior Minister of France Kastner said: “I don’t call”. And stressed that in case with the Italian side he is willing to accept me in Paris.

Later in the day, Salvini, who was quoted by the Italian TV channel RAI, said, “Obviously, I don’t want and can’t call: I’m happy to accept my French counterpart as soon as possible to discuss and solve problems”.
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