13-year-old son decl vs shooting a documentary about his father: “I almost left an orphan”

The son of the deceased rapper decl has made a new statement on Instagram regarding his father’s death and the filming of a documentary about him.

Son decl Anthony said that now their family is barely making ends meet. News about the documentary about her father angered the whole family. Close decl think is a terrible thing to make on behalf of a deceased artist, reports LigaNews.

“My mother grief and shame greatly increased pressure, and she almost died of a heart attack, barely managed to drink heart pills, thank you for your friends,” – said the son of decl.

According to Anthony, let the man who decided to make a documentary about his father, is doing it for the money, and are not satisfied with the “charitable contributions” from loyal fans.

“I almost became an orphan, this is serious!” added Tony.

It is known that the journalist Roman Super announced that it intends to dedicate to the deceased Russian rap artist Cyril Tolmatskogo, known as a Decl, a documentary about his life.

According to the super, it will be a “history of the most undervalued Russian artist tried to do, and in its own way”.

Funds for film Super will collect the crowd funding, he launched a campaign on the platform of “planet”. In total, the journalist plans to collect 3.5 million rubles.

As previously reported LigaNews, drugs in the blood decl not found: the examination will be held on one of piece of evidence. It is also known that the Investigative Committee has not confirmed the mother’s version of decl on the cause of death of the artist.
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