Revealed traces of a Viking burial in Norway found a 20-metre ship warlike people

Representatives of the scientific world was able to make unique historical discovery.

It was established that the above anomaly was able to testify in a Norwegian village, which is located in the southeastern region of the state. According to scientists, during scientific research managed to find the cemetery of Vikings and their 20-metre boat. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First in Norway have revealed the burial of the Vikings.

According to the staff of the Norwegian Institute of cultural heritage, to open the artifact managed by a GPR. The above mentioned equipment has provided the ability to set the scale of ship and marine vehicles. Later, the researchers also found that the lower part of the Viking ship remained intact.

Furthermore, scientists felt that the identified burials are located on agricultural land. Mound, which was a Viking ship that has long been plowed.

Experts were surprised by the fact that in the vicinity of the scene found traces of 8 more such graves. At the moment the academics are going to create a detailed map of the burials and the condition of the vehicle.
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