Trump is ready to accept Ukraine in NATO: the Tabs told about the secret decree of the President of the United States

The President of the United States Donald trump gave a secret Directive to amend the Charter of NATO, to which was to include Ukraine and Georgia.

This opinion was expressed by Harry Tabah, former NATO representative in Russia, in interview to the Ukrainian resource “Apostrophe” reports “Диалог.UA“.

To date, Ukraine will be difficult to join NATO, because on its territory there is a military conflict. In the Charter of the Alliance clearly stated that countries where there is a conflict or there is a dispute about boundaries, not accepted in the organization.

Tabs I am sure that foreign and domestic policies of Petro Poroshenko can lead to the fact that Donald trump will turn a blind eye to the conflict in the Donbas and “take” Ukraine into the NATO. You have to slightly rewrite the Charter of the organization.

Most of the interviews an American soldier was dedicated to the President of Ukraine, which he strongly praised and covertly campaigned to vote for him on March 31.
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