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As reported by the newspaper The Washington Post, the Russian businessman Sergei Millian, unwittingly became the source for the report about the relationship of Donald trump with Moscow, in 2016, was closely associated with one of the representatives of his election headquarters — George Papadopoulos.

As it became known to journalists, Millian for several months, were linked to Papadopoulos and asked him to serve as a consultant for a certain Russian, whose name was not specified. But he refused, since they had already launched the election campaign.

It is difficult to say whether there was communication Millian by trump, but his meeting with Papadopoulos previously did not have known. The businessman in 2016, acknowledged in an interview that he was familiar with Michael Cohen, then a lawyer for trump, and signed him to a deal for the sale of apartments in Florida. However, Cohen refuted the claim.

Members of the intelligence committees of the Senate and the house of representatives tried to call the Millian to testify, but to no avail. He is one of the defendants in the investigation about intervention of Russia in election campaign of 2016, but until otherwise shy away from cooperation.

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