In the U.S., has unveiled a plan for a nuclear destruction of the Soviet Union

American plans to destroy the Soviet Union in the 60-ies of the released non-commercial organization “national security Archive”.

Non-profit organization “national security Archive” posted documents showing the US plan to destroy the Soviet Union as the leading industrial power. 800 pages already yellowed from the time of typewritten text marked “top secret” reveals the plans, as the United States was going to deal with the country and its people.

The list of nuclear targets for No. 275, Dating from 1959, which was first revealed by the National archives and records US, frightening and shocking. It specifically is about the need to bomb at least 70 percent of the industrial potential of the Soviet Union, as well as the elimination of 70 million Soviet citizens, “Vesti”. Soviet bombers that were supposed to destroy, was the main priority in the document.

By the way, the issue of depopulation was considered by the Americans as the main criterion of victory over the Soviet Union. No doubt the authenticity of the documents about the intentions of the US to launch nuclear strikes on the country is.

Proof of this can serve the requirement of the then allies of great Britain, which four years ago was published by the Daily Mail. So the declassified FBI documents say that former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill demanded the United States to launch a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, which “would be wiped off the face of the earth, the Kremlin and would have turned the Soviet Union into a minor problem.”

But on 2 February 2018, the United States announced a new nuclear doctrine. The document expressed concern to Washington that Russia may pre-emptive strike, and also speaks of the use of its own nuclear Arsenal.

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