Putin threatened Washington’s newest missile

The Russian President warned the US that if they will deploy new missiles in Europe, Russia “would be forced to create and deploy weapons”, capable of striking not only at the locations of the missiles, but also in America.

About it Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, February 19, during the annual address to the Federal Assembly, referring to the U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty). According to him, the Kremlin will have to deploy his weapon against the Arsenal of the United States, as to those missiles, which the States plan to place in Europe, it takes only 10-12 minutes to reach Moscow.

Earlier, the US announced its withdrawal from the Treaty on nuclear medium-range missiles of 1987, because, according to us authorities, Russia has violated it.

The Pact, signed by then U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev banned the production and testing of cruise and ballistic land-based missiles with ranges of 310 to 3 410 miles.

Putin said that while Moscow had not violated the agreement, it will not initiate confrontation, but will continue to develop weapon systems, to be able to respond to provocation from the United States.

“Let’s count the range and speed of our most promising weapons systems. We ask only this: let the first will count, and only then make decisions which can create additional serious threats to our country and, of course, will lead to retaliatory action on the part of Russia”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

“Let’s count the distance and speed”, Putin warned the United States against the deployment of missiles in Europe updated: February 20, 2019 author: Alina Dykman

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