The Governor of Florida wants to import drugs from Canada and save tens of millions of dollars

The current head of Florida proposed to establish a special program to import prescription medications from Canada. According to Ron DeSantis, this will save tens of millions of budget funds, enabling the state to direct money into other areas of health.

Today in the United States is being increasingly felt problem of the high cost of medicines. Sometimes the situation reaches absurd proportions.

For example, a resident of Pennsylvania is forced every 3 months to go to Canada to buy medicine for his son. During the year John Gigli spent on expensive drug $15 thousand, but if you buy it in USA, it will cost $58 million Is a huge difference, a similar situation is observed in most U.S. States.

According to Ron DeSantis, this will save tens of millions of the budget. Photo: flickr/CC/gageskidmore/

The importation into the United States unapproved prescription drugs is prohibited. But Secretary of the Ministry of health and social services has the power to approve special programs imports. This rule intends to take advantage of the Governor of Florida.

Ron DeSantis is confident that the prices of prescription drugs hit not only the pockets of ordinary citizens, but also pull from regional budgets a lot of money. Cheap medication from Canada can solve this problem.

According to the Governor, he discussed his plan with U.S. President Donald trump, the President supported his idea. Soon Ron DeSantis intends to apply to the relevant Ministry to obtain approval to import prescription drugs.

The Governor is confident that this plan will allow Florida to significantly reduce the cost of health care and to direct these funds to other areas needing funding.

Ron DeSantis is going to Florida to import drugs from Canada updated: February 21, 2019 author: Paul cat
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