In Moscow beat a star of the TV series “kadetstvo” Abdulov – the details

The famous Russian actor Vitaly Abdulov was taken to hospital with injuries of soft tissues of the head.

As reports the edition “REN TV“, the incident occurred on the night of February 20, reports LigaNеws.

The incident occurred in the stairwell of his home in Moscow. It is reported that Abdul tried to expel from the house of prostitutes, for those pounced on him.

The actor was urgently hospitalized in one of city hospitals with injuries of soft tissues of head and other injuries.

Vitaly Abdulov starred in such famous series as “kadetstvo”, “Truckers”, “Soldiers”, “Kamenskaya” and many others.

As previously reported LigaNews, the Russian star series Strogova was beaten in front of 7-year-old daughter. It is also known, the police confirmed that Priluchny beat up his wife.
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