Work from home stress forcing people to venture out

HYDERABAD: Livelihood challenges are making people venture out despite the risk of catching Covid-19. Financial stress has pushed many to the edge as they are not sure for how long they will survive if they are confined indoors.

Many of them are facing mental health problems and sleeplessness. With depleting income, their prospects are getting diminished. It is to escape this ordeal that they venture out.

Dr Preeti Swaroop, a senior psychiatrist, explained, “Fear of the virus exists but the bigger challenge is livelihood and survival. It is important to survive as financial issues are now more critical. There is a lot of hope on the vaccine and people believe that once they take the vaccine they will be safe. The government has to explain that in addition to vaccination, they all must also follow safety protocols, failing which they will be susceptible to the disease."

The worst-hit sections are those whose jobs cannot be done from home.

A school teacher, on condition of anonymity, said “Children in pre-primary levels learn languages, improve listening skills and develop motor skills. How will they learn them online? It is not possible for us to teach these children. There has to be some method to bring them back to school and also keep them safe."

Art, craft and sports are as good as passé for children in the 5 to 10 years age-group.

These fringe segments find themselves at the receiving end of the disaster and their few numbers are not represented as they deal with the most vulnerable segment.

Dr Mothukuri Ramchander, a counselling psychologist, said, "Stress of jobs, continuing family life and finding space in homes is a challenge for many. There is no scope for meeting friends, going out together or watching a movie. These challenges are leading to arguments, family feuds and inability to concentrate. Many people are on the edge as they try to cope."


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