Six-foot mutant caused quite a stir in the lake of China, suddenly appearing to the people – video

A Park employee told the media about an unusual form caught “fish”.

On Saturday, February 9, strange creature provoked a stir at one of the parks of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China. On it informs edition Daily Mail, reports “League news Russia”.

The incident happened in front of an employee of the Park of Baiyun lake.

According to him, the length of the fish was at least two meters.

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After that, the banks put signs banning to go into the water, and the Park staff focused on catching the uninvited inhabitant of the reservoir. The head of the security service said that about the creature that wound up in the lake, it was known before, but it was not possible to identify.

On the fourth day the Park staff pulled from the lake two Mississippi billfish 1.2 m long and 0.9 meters. They believe that fish could swim out to the Park from the pearl river after raising the gateways of the reservoir in 2013.

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