Abe in absentia was awarded to Trump the Nobel peace prize for nuclear issue

The leader of the American state can get, says Prime Minister of Japan, one of the most prestigious awards.

On Friday, February 15, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said during a press conference in the Rose garden of the White house on the nomination of the President of the United States Donald trump for the Nobel peace prize for efforts to resolve the DPRK nuclear issue. About it the American leader said Friday at a press conference in the Rose garden of the White house. It is reported by “League news Russia”.

According to the trump information, Abe, some time ago gave him a copy of his letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. As stated by the head of the US administration, Abe notified that nominated him on behalf of Japan for the Nobel peace prize.

Trump made an optimistic statement about relations with Russia

As you know, Nobel prize is one of the most prestigious international prizes awarded annually for outstanding scientific research, revolutionary inventions, the large contribution to culture or society.

According to media reports, it is envisaged that a military response eliminates the military advantage of Russia, which managed to get through illegal actions, he said. The head of state stressed that Washington will cooperate with NATO and other allies.
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