How to make “vertical” goats

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When assembling various metal or wooden structures, it is often required to fix the parts in a vertical position.
In this article, the author of the YouTube channel “TheDacchio” will tell you how he made “vertical” boxes with a clip .
How to make This device is not very difficult to make in a small workshop with a welding machine.
Materials necessary for home-made.
– Steel profile pipe 100 × 50
– Steel rod, nuts, bushings
– Aerosol primer, paint
– Anaerobic glue (thread lock)
– Welding wire .
Tools used by the author.
– Bulgarian
– Cutting disc, flap cleaning
– Screwdriver, drills for metal
– Drilling machine, machine vice
– Pendulum band saw
– Welding machine
– Tap holder with ratchet mechanism, tap, vice
– Angle clamp, F-shaped clamps
– Digital square, tape measure, marker.
Manufacturing process.
So, the main material for the rack will serve profile pipe with a section of 100 × 50, 30 × 30 mm.
From it, the master cuts off two parts about 400 mm long. Although he uses a band saw for this, it is quite possible to get by with an ordinary grinder.
How to make How to make Putting both blanks on the welding table with narrow walls, an angle of 30 degrees between them is set. For this, the author uses digital square .
How to make How to make Both ends of each of the blanks are cut at an angle of 60 degrees.
How to make A jumper is also cut out in the form of a trapezoid.
How to do How to make Having folded the structural elements together, the parts are seized by welding at several points.
How to make How to make The stand is fixed in a vice, and all seams are carefully welded.
How to make How to make Now you can remove slag and clean up the seams.
How to make Next, from a profile pipe 30×30 mm, three blanks are cut. The ends to be joined are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.
Fixing the parts in turn in the corner clamp , the master welds them in the form of a U-shaped bracket.
How to make How to make How to make In thick-walled steel a thread is cut into the sleeve, corresponding to the stud used as a pressure screw.
How to make How to make A sample for the nut is made at one of the ends of the bracket.
 How to make How to make A stud is screwed into the nut, its end is aligned with the center of the opposite shoulder of the bracket. The nut is pressed against the end with a clamp and welded.
How to make How to make Having cut out a rectangle from the steel strip, the master welded it as a pressure pad.
How to make  How to make How to make Now the frame of the homemade “clamp” is welded to the side of the support.
How to make How to make How to make screw a hole is drilled and a thread is cut into it.
 How to make How to make The washer is screwed on in its place, while the screw sits on the anaerobic adhesive (thread lock) .
In order not to make a screw with a pressure penny, you can take a ready-made adjustable screw furniture support the desired diameter and length.
How to make How to make On the second side of the clamping screw, you need to install a knob.
First, a through hole is drilled in the sleeve.
How to make The bushing is fixed on the screw with two nuts.
How to make How to make How to make Now a hole of the required diameter is drilled in the screw.
How to make vertical goats How to make On two ends the steel bar is threaded, the wrench is inserted into place, and nuts are screwed on its ends.
 How to make How to make The excess thread of the clamping screw is cut off, the cut point is cleaned with a grinder.
It remains to clean and degrease the surfaces of the rack, and cover them with a protective layer of aerosol enamel.
How to make How to make How to make The device is ready. This is how you can fix a fairly long profile pipe in a vertical position.
How to make How to make The plywood sheet is clamped in the same way. This is convenient not only when assembling structures, but also for painting work from both sides at once.
How to make How to make How to make I thank the author for a simple but useful adaptation for the workshop!
Good mood, good health, and interesting ideas to everyone!
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