Need a Barrier for the tourists

Debates and discussions about how to strengthen the border and how to allocate funds, almost no one remembered about the problem that immigration countries are those who come to the United States, only to give birth to a child there and stay with him as a holder of American citizenship.

Only recently in California was arrested 3 person, in particular, was charged with fraud and money laundering. They have created an organization that was engaged in smuggling to USA and pregnant women from China, and those came to Hawaii, where immigration is less strict. A similar Scam was detected in South Florida (where similar activities were engaged in immigrants from Russia) and in Texas, where these “immigration services” has provided for women from Nigeria, Brazil and South Korea.

It’s not “harmless” crimes, not least because those who have them mock us immigration laws, encouraging new offense. Suffer and the citizens as children whose mother deliberately went to the USA, get all possible social assistance. And for these “new citizens” to reach other relatives that could eventually lead to the fact that the population of the country will sooner or later begin to consist almost exclusively of immigrants.

The organizers of such scams will answer under the law, unlike those who have used their services, since nothing prohibits foreigners to visit the U.S. and give birth to children here. And the last rule in effect for over 100 years, automatically become citizens.

However, you should pay attention to the decision of the Supreme court in the case “United States V. Wong Kim Arch”, made in 1898, according to which the children of illegal immigrants and persons who are not legal residents of the United States, have no constitutional right to citizenship by place of birth. But political activists and big business, interested in the abolition of borders, interpreted the verdict is exactly the opposite. And need to return to the true interpretation of the award so that it finally began to serve the interests of Americans.

It was the “cleansing” of the legislation and directed the attempts made by President Donald trump. In particular, he ordered the justice Ministry to more actively identify those who offers entry to the country for pregnant women is a struggle against such schemes and to prosecute the organizers are just following the letter of the law. You need to make it so that it became clear that the children born of such “tourists” or illegal immigrants, are not citizens only because they were born on American soil.

The construction of the “wall” on the southern border are able to strengthen it and reaffirm the sovereign rights of the U.S. government to control the country. But it is equally important to put an end to attempts of exploitation of immigration laws. There is no doubt that it’s not perfect, and indeed there are loopholes that should be eliminated, even if it will not accept Congress.

Brian Lonergan, Director of Immigration Reform Law Institute

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