“Good thinking?”: funny reaction of a bear in the wedding photos

Potapitch with a very surprised face became a real decoration of the pictures of a couple who decided to get married at the zoo.

Sudebnaya photo shoot couples in Minnesota would be the most common, if not the animal, but rather a bear. It was his reaction that captured the photographer at the happy faces of bride and groom was priceless.

Uploaded in the social network pictures that made firm Chris and Kristy Photography, touched by the user, informs a portal . The fact that the couple decided to get married at the Minnesota zoo. So the bear became an involuntary guest of the occasion, once in the frame.

People liked the expression of a predator. First, he looks at the bride in surprise, as if he wants to ask: “have You thought this through before you marry this guy married?”. On another photo he has an indignant expression, apparently realized that she is very happy with my choice.

Although some users suggested that the bear did not like the fact of their photo shoot, animal, site. But, in his opinion, nobody asked. Young liked the idea

The photos were the idea of photographers. They said we were very lucky to take a picture with one of the locals: at this time, when we were allowed to conduct photography, animals usually eat. This Russian grizzly bear was the only one from whom we have received “the blessing”, – said the bridegroom.
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