Another European scandal: the Austrian authorities are funding supporters of Hitler around the world

Today, Poland is home to about five hundred former German soldiers during Nazi Germany, about two hundred – live in Slovenia, but 101 former accomplice of Adolf Hitler’s home in Austria. In total there are more than 2 thousand people, and Vienna, as it turned out, paying each of them an allowance from the state budget.

It is reported by the Austrian newspaper “Österreich”.

It is worth noting that many who have suffered from the actions of the Nazis during the Second world war years waiting for payments from the Austrian government. At the same time 2033 former accomplice of Nazi Germany in fifty countries every month to get a pension, despite past crimes.

The Ministry of labour, social Affairs, health and consumer protection of Austria the media at the moment is not commented.

Earlier also it became known that in Belgium the collaborators of the Nazis receive a pension, reaching almost 1.3 million euros, although the Ministry of labour of Germany assured that we are talking about payments in the framework of the Law on war victims.
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