Buckets of uranium was stored next to the Museum in the Grand Canyon

Three 5-gallon buckets (slightly less than 60 litres) of uranium ore were discovered in the building, which is located half a mile from the tourist centre in Grand Canyon (AZ). It is unknown how long they were there, and so, for some time travelers have been exposed to radiation.

The national Park service in conjunction with the staff of the health Service and labor protection of the state of Arizona are investigating the discovery of uranium ore near tourist object where you store the archives and artifacts of the Grand Canyon. Bucket stood with containers of paint and had them masked.

The son of one of the Museum staff brought a Geiger counter and found radiation. When they began to seek the cause, found these buckets. Called experts, according to the Director of security of the Grand Canyon Stevenson, took the catch and threw in a uranium mine Orfan.

According to local AZcentral, bucket found on 18 June 2018, but the Park failed to notify tourists about the incident. Perhaps the uranium has been here since 2000. Officially, the information administration has just published the 18th of February.

Indications of radiation had exceeded safe limits established by the nuclear regulatory Commission. If you were in the building of the Museum between 2000 and June 18, 2018, you were at risk for radiation exposure. We identify possible victims and the radiation dose they could get, “wrote in a statement Stevenson.

Northern Arizona is rich in uranium region, it has traditionally been a place of commercial production. But in the area of the Grand Canyon is a forbidden mine “Orphan” closed in 1969. Maybe the mining is carried out illegally.

Professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Northern Arizona University, Jani Ingram argues that uranium ore is often used for research purposes, but it is typically sealed in a metal container for the gas and radon were not allocated in the air.

Uranium can be harmful to health depending on the quantity and grade of ore, from how people interact with him, and the time of exposure, – said Ingram in an interview with News10. “Geiger counters are a good determinant of the presence of radiation, but to understand the actual risk will require further study“.

Of particular concern is the fact that one of the three buckets found in the Grand Canyon, it was open.

The place where was discovered a plastic bucket, not included in tour territory, but is less than a kilometer from the building known as the Museum collection, which is often visited by tourists. It is located near the route that people go to this Museum.

Emily Davis, a specialist in public relations at the Grand Canyon, said that “currently, there is no risk for the staff or tourists, the bucket was removed, there is no danger“.

In the Grand Canyon came up with to store buckets of uranium ore near the Museum updated: Feb 21, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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