Assembling an induction heater for $ 15

Assembling an induction heater for $ 15

Induction heating is a method of non-contact heating of electrically conductive materials by currents of high frequency and high magnitude. Accordingly, an induction heater is a device with which you can produce such heating.
The most interesting thing about such a device is that a conductive object placed in an induction field heats up to red, while the coil itself remains cold.
This is not entirely homemade, rather a set of “assemble it yourself”, but I hope the information will be interesting to readers.
Tools and materials: – Induction heating module; – DC power supply (12 V, 10 A); – Power connector; – Soldering accessories;
– Engraver;
– Joiner's glue;
– Wooden strips;
Step One: Coil
When buying an induction module, the coil comes separately from the board. First you need to carefully straighten the turns of the coil, they should not touch. Then the ends of the coil must be soldered to the board.
Assembling an induction heater for $ 15 Step two: body
For protection, the master makes a case from wooden planks. The board is installed in the case and fixed. The coil should be outside.
Step Three: Connecting
Now you need to solder the wires to the power connector. The connector is installed in the cover, and the wires are connected to the screw connector according to the polarity.
Assembling an induction heater for $ 15 Step three: device operation
To operate the device, you need to connect the power to the connector. Then place a metal object inside the coil. After a short time, the object placed in the induction field will begin to heat up and glow red.
Assembling an induction heater for $ 15 The whole process of assembling such induction heating, as well as a demonstration of its work, can be viewed in the video.


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