Too good a passenger plane: Airbus will stop the production of the A380

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus announced on Thursday, February 14, to cease production of passenger aircraft giant A380 (Superjumbo). As reported in the communiqué of the European aircraft manufacturer, the last liner this model will come off the line in 2021.

The cessation of production of the A380 may lead to a staff reduction Airbus 3-3,5 thousand people, reports AFP.

A radical solution adopted by the European aircraft manufacturer due to the failure of the Dubai airline Emirates has already signed a solid agreement for the supply of 20 aircraft and options on 16 others. The European aircraft manufacturer needs to lose this last deal with Emirates up to 10 billion euros, according to Liberation.

Can carry from 525 to 853 passengers, the A380 was put into operation twelve years ago (in 2007) when the number of air passengers in the world increased annually by 5%.

Surprisingly quiet, accommodating twice more passengers than the average plane for flights in the far distance, the A380 was considered the flagship of the Airbus in the fight against the American “Boeing”.

But the slowdown of the market, is high compared to the rival Boeing 777 fuel consumption and the inability to use Superjumbo smaller airports have reduced the interest in it. Too big, too expensive.

The plane-a favorite of passengers, with its double deck, giving exceptionally comfortable conditions in flight, the A380 was not able to occupy a significant place in the fleet of most airlines in the world.

Due to the low level of sales, the A380 was still in survival mode, despite saving for Airbus aircraft orders by Emirates airline in recent years. In December 2017, Airbus has announced that it will reduce A380 production to six or seven instances a year. Despite the fact that in previous years has sold more than two hundred Superjumbo.
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