Tomorrow will be a court case of divorce Basharova and his wife

For a long time hiding the truth wife Basharova started the divorce process.

As reports the edition “Moscow“, it became known about the beginning of the divorce process popular TV presenter Marat Basharova and his wife, Elizabeth, reports LigaNews.

6 Feb wife Basharova Elisabeth filed a petition for divorce.

According to the publication, the trial will begin tomorrow, February 22, at 10:00.

As you know, in late January came the news that Marat Basharov beat his wife and broke her nose. Initially the beating told the brother of the wife Basharova Fedor. A relative said that Marat did to his sister multiple injuries and broke his nose.

Fedor said that this is not the first incident when Basharov allowed himself to beat his sister. Last year, when their General’s son was still very young, the woman was taken to the hospital with a hand injury.

Later, the media published a certificate from the emergency room, which says that Elizabeth had a closed fracture of the nose.

As previously reported LigaNews, Marat Basharov for the first time came out with his wife after the news about the beating. It was also reported that Basharov said that was joking about bribes in the “Battle of psychics.”
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