Scientists stumbled upon a UFO tall with a 12-storey building in the rocks of Antarctica – frames

Experts believe that to find a direct relationship in other civilizations.

Researchers in the field of detection of extraterrestrial civilizations discovered an anomaly in Antarctica. Scientists said it was found in the permafrost zone of the ship, managed alien humanoids. About it reports “Russian Dialogue“, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to media reports, a UFO could crash in the local area. To identify abnormal formation managed by the world-famous Google Earth.

The black hole in the milky Way was ten times larger than the Sun

It is not excluded that an extraterrestrial object may have dimensions that are comparable to the height of 12-storey building. As noted by experts, the ship of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations has length 30 m and width 20 m.

After some time, it was found that the ship of the humanoid consists of metal frames. Coordinates findings, which surprised the world community: 72°32’41.03 ʺS, 68°20’1.84 ʺE.

In addition, a group of Korean researchers found fossils of spiders, the existence of which had more than 110 million years ago. Their tapetum lucidum – a layer of the choroid that reflects light and helps to navigate in the dark – phosphorescent so far.
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