A new biathlon season opened with victories in France and Norway

The French team won the mixed relay at the first stage of the new biathlon season in Pokljuka, Slovenia.

The first race went to anais Bescond, it was replaced by Justine, brez, the third stage took the baton to Martin Fourcade and Simon Destie finished with a French tricolor in his hands. The French made only five misses in the first standing.

In second place was the team sensationally Switzerland. First silver of the season his team brought ELISA Gasparin, Lena Cheeky, Benjamin Veger and Jeremy Finello. They missed nine times and lag behind the winners from France a little more than 38 seconds.

Finished third athletes from Italy — Lisa Vitozzi, Dorotea Wearer, Dominik Windisch and Lukas Hofer. From the first position they were separated by 52 seconds. As rivals of the Swiss, the Italians made nine mistakes on the shooting range.

The Russian Quartet is Irina Starykh, Ekaterina Yurlova, Dmitry Malyshko, Alexander Loginov and ended up in fourth position. After his stage Yurlova passed the baton to Dmitry Malyshko sixth, he managed to close the gap and reach fourth position.

Earlier this morning, December 2, in Pokljuka hosted the first single-mixed season. The French Duo of anais Chevalier and Gehenna Antonin became the fourth, the Russians Ulyana Kaisheva and Evgeny Garanichev finished seventh. The gold was won by the Norwegians Tech Brun and Lars Helge Birkeland, silver Austrian athletes Lisa Hauser and Simon Eder. The third step of the podium went up the Ukrainians Anastasiya Merkushyna and Artem Tishchenko.

Stage in Pokljuka continues on December 5 individual race on 20 km among men.
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