Glushakov face criminal liability for beating his wife

The examination confirmed that Denis Glushakov was beaten wife Daria. Now the player may face criminal liability.

In early December, Daria Glushakova went to the police with complaints about the threats and beatings of her husband, reports LigaNews.

Daria went to the police, because he fears for his life. According to her, the infamous athlete threatened to kill her. The woman provided a record of these threats.

On audio is heard, as Denis Glushakov wife threatens ties in the state Duma and promised that she would not be living neither in Moscow nor anywhere else. However, a significant part of the words obscene, so not all of them can be quote due to the excessive number of swear words.

Also, the wife of an athlete, claims that her husband cheated on her for many years, and also repeatedly raised her hand.

Examination of the interior Ministry carefully checked everything, and it turned out that the girl is not cheating. The player had really caused her the injury.

“All necessary documents are submitted. Apparently, examined as the law requires, ascertained the degree of injury. Probably the later will be solved a question on excitation of criminal case”, – said Sergey Zhorin, a lawyer Darya.

As previously reported LigaNews, Glushakov has come up with a cunning scheme to avoid paying alimony to his wife. We also know that the fans of “Spartak” has opposed Glushakova.
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