Dog led the girl from a long coma

19-year-old amerikanka in July got in an accident, and then fell into a coma, but the dog saved her fergie.

19-year-old American from Florida Farrah Fox from July was in a coma. She fell into a coma due to traumatic brain injury received in a car accident. The doctors did everything possible, but there is no improvement, and the forecasts were disappointing.

Farr did not move, nor on what did not react. And in early August, the house came her friend Mary Cullinan, but not alone. She brought his dog fergie.

The dog was allowed to lie in bed with Farrah, and she the whole day was close, clung to her and occasionally licked her hand. And in the evening I called his doctor who said that my daughter came out of the coma, — quotes “Ridus” the story of mother girls.

Dog fergie (the representative of the hypoallergenic breeds, a mixture of a Labrador and poodle) for several years, “working” therapist, helping people with mental disorders and various injuries to recover. However, the mother of Terah difficult to say: outlet daughter out of the coma – the merit of the dog or just time to Wake up. “But the fact is that after this day my daughter’s condition has significantly improved,” says the woman, believing that between a dog and Farrah have any special connection.

As for doctors, they call the story of the mystical. Farrah though, and came in themselves, but yet can neither speak nor walk. But fergie continues to visit the girl, the parents hope for her recovery.
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