“Snacks” in the form of pension payments: Poroshenko opened the hunt for votes

On the eve of Ukraine’s presidential election, the candidates engaged in involvement of the electorate. For example, in one of the recent meetings of the Pension Fund the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko has declared that in March and April, the Ukrainian pensioners will receive the additional payments.

According to the guarantor of the nation, those who receive the minimum pension, will be able to receive additional payment for two months – March and April 2019.

“In the period from 2015 to 2016, the state had to give every penny from the Pension Fund for the army to protect the country. Today we were able to find opportunities to return to pensioners and especially those who have the lowest level of pension – the minimum and below the minimum – indexed over the last year. According to our calculations we came to the amount of UAH 2 410 (89.5 USD),” — said Poroshenko.

“Generosity” guarantor of the nation, the TV channel NewsFront TV commented the political scientist, the founder of the discussion club “Dostoevsky” Alexei Zhivov.

“Before the election, Petro Poroshenko need to do something, because his ratings are very low and there is a possibility that he will lose the comedian. Imagine if Russia was in the lead would be in the ranking Garik Bulldog Kharlamov. Funny, isn’t it?”, — the speaker noted.

Zhivov said that the Ukrainians are not stupid people and well see what caused the “politics” Poroshenko: “of Course no sane person wants to choose this person for another five years. This is true”.

“In such circumstances, Petro Poroshenko, have to think of something to throw “snacks” to her audience so she went and voted for it. The increase in pensions is a traditional post-Soviet history. The fact that Poroshenko said that the pension Fund money went to the army and the so-called fleet, which in itself is an oxymoron, because the pension money should not go to the army. Pension money is a big savings Fund, which for many years to come expects payment. It’s not state money, the money of pensioners”, — said the analyst, adding that the current Ukraine is a “circus with evil clowns on the arena.”
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